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Help Your Child Improve Their Writing Abilities

Help your child improve their writing skills by encouraging them to write more. Look for diverse ways to encourage writing that don't make it feel like a chore. The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow has some simple suggestions to make writing fun and help your child improve their writing skills.

Provide Fun Writing Materials

A great way to encourage your child to practice their writing is by providing fun materials to work with. Provide your child with fun pens, pencils and notebooks to practice with. Allowing your child to personalize a journal can help them stay interested in filling the journal with stories and other writing prompts. Let your child decorate the pages however they like as long as they continue to practice writing.

Encourage Diverse Writing Practice

Whether your child is writing in a journal or in an online blog, they are still practicing their writing abilities. Encourage them to write stories, investigations, blog posts and even emails in order for them to continue improving their writing abilities. You can even have your child help you write shopping lists and thank you notes. Setting these examples will help encourage your child to write more.

Celebrate Your Child's Written Work

Give your child's efforts positive feedback and recognition. Celebrate their written work by hanging finished stories on the refrigerator and encourage other family members to read them. You can host a family open mic night that allows all of your family members to share stories, poems and songs that they have written. You can even act out plays and movie scripts together as a family.

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