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Encourage Your Child to Take Better Class Notes

If your child struggles to take useful class notes, these tips can help them improve their note taking skills.

Be Prepared for Class

Being prepared for class means much more than simply showing up on time and turning in homework. Arriving a little bit early, having the right materials, and being prepared to listen are essential when it comes to note taking. Encourage your child to arrive to class early so that they're prepared to start taking notes as soon as class starts. Your child should have the proper notebook for each class and the necessary writing materials to take notes. Actively listening will help ensure they take notes that are concise and that make sense to them. If your child gets distracted easily, have them sit at the front of the class where distractions will be kept to a minimum.

Separate Your Notes

Keeping notes neat and organized is easier when your child has a separate notebook for each class. Filling one large notebook full of notes from all of their classes will make it harder to find what they're looking for when it comes time to study. Encourage your child to start their notes on a fresh page every day in order to avoid jumbling everything together. They should start each page with the date and a title that will make it easier to identify what the topic is.

Make Your Notes Visually Appealing

Notes that are visually appealing can also be more effective and easier to study. Dirty, illegible, and messy notes are not as nice to look at and can be more confusing than helpful. Encourage your child to take their time as they write so that their writing is neat and legible. Color coding items, drawing diagrams, and including images can make notes more appealing and even more useful when studying. Your child can rewrite their notes to make them more appealing while getting the benefits of revising.

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