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How to Help Your Child Stop Procrastinating

Help your child beat procrastination with these tips.

Break Down Large Tasks

If your child is assigned a large assignment, such as a report, project, or presentation that requires research, planning, and a final product, they may be intimidated by all the work this implies. Although the assignment may not be difficult, the many steps it requires can make it seem a lot harder than it actually is. If your child is intimidated by the assignment, they will probably have a harder time getting started. Help them tackle the task by making it a lot less scary. Break down the large task into smaller parts that your child can take on one at a time. Spread out these tasks over a few days and help your child track their progress. If they're still having trouble getting started, help them find a starting point. Once they actually start working, their momentum should keep them going.

Identify Struggles

Many students who procrastinate regularly may have issues with a subject. If you notice your child often leaves their math homework for the last minute or puts off doing their daily reading, this may indicate an issue understanding the material. Most children are afraid to ask for help in the classroom because they are embarrassed to admit they don't understand something in front of their peers. Talk to your child at home and let them know that it's ok to ask for help when needed. Do your best to help at home, but consider asking your child's teacher for pointers or extra help if needed.

Remove Distractions

Distractions are a common cause of procrastination. If your child has a hard time starting or completing their homework, take a look at the environment where they are completing it. If they're being distracted by items, such as the television or video games, remove these distractions or change the space in which they do homework. Other distractions can include hunger, sleepiness, or noise. If any of these are the causing the issue, find an adequate resolution for the issue, such as an afters school snack or nap.

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