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Fun Ways to Practice Math This Summer

Math tends to be the toughest subject for most students to succeed in. Teachers also struggle to keep their students at state math standards, and after the summer, this battle can get more difficult. Help your child hold onto their math lessons this summer with these simple activities.

Relate It to Your Child's Interests

One great thing about math is that it can be applied to just about anything in life. Figure out some of your child's interests and find a way to inject math into them. For example, if your child is fond of a basketball team, watch games with them and plant possible scenarios. For example, ask them how many points the losing team needs to score in order to catch up to the winning team and what possible point combinations can get them even. Simple math practice can also be included in activities like baking, gardening, computer games, etc.

Restaurant Math

If your child is fond of going out to eat, surprise them with some math practice during your next meal out. Give them a budget to work with and have them figure out how much each person can spend to stay within the budget. Next, ask them to identify the dishes that will keep everyone within budget. For younger children, activities like identifying the most expensive meal on the menu and the cheapest meal can help with number recognition and values.

Take Math on Vacation

If your family is heading out of town for the summer, use this opportunity to keep your child's math abilities in practice. Let them be in charge of the itinerary so that they can practice their time-telling skills. They can also estimate distances between places and the amount of time it takes to travel these distances. For money practice, give them a daily budget for meals and souvenirs.

Math Tutoring in Broken Arrow, OK

If your child could use a bit more math practice the summer, consider enrolling them in summer turning at The Tutoring Center, Broken Arrow OK. Contact them at (918)455-3276 to learn about how summer tutoring can benefit all students.


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