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Keep Your High School Student Learning This Summer

High school students, especially those entering their senior year, may feel a bit more relaxed about school because they can see the finish line. This, however, doesn't mean they should slack off all summer. In fact, summer provides them with the perfect opportunity to get ahead and find ways to stand out when applying for college. To keep your child competitive, help them set summer goals like the ones listed below.

Study for College Entrance Exams

If your child is going to be taking college entrance exams soon, the free time they have during summer break can be used to study. Whether they're taking the SAT or ACT, they can use a study guide to study at home or they can even enroll in a tutoring program focused on preparing for these exams. This can help them achieve a higher score, helping them stand out on college applications.

Prepare for College

Speaking of college, your child can also use their spare time over summer break to narrow down their college choices. They can look into majors they're interested in and schools they'd like to attend. Once they know what schools and programs they're most interest in, encourage them to look up the college entrance requirements so that they can get all of their paperwork in order for when the time comes to apply.

Get Ahead

Finally, your child can use the summer break to get ahead in school. They can enroll in a tutoring program to catch up on missed lessons or to get ahead on upcoming lessons. They can also enroll in summer school or take summer classes at a local community college which may even give them college credits they can use once they're enrolled in college.

Summer Tutoring in Broken Arrow, OK

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