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 Whether your child is preparing for an important exam like the SAT or for a more standard exam in his or her academic career, it’s important to ensure that he or she has the right skills to succeed. The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow would like to help you ensure your child has those tools, by providing you with a list of ways to help your child study well, as well as some important reminders for test day. If it seems that, regardless of their effort, your child needs extra assistance that is ok!. For tutoring in Broken Arrow, remember us. 

Becoming a More Prepared Studier:

You’ll do well to encourage your child to complete these steps to becoming a better and more prepared student. 
  • Create a study calendar, ensuring that each night there is time allotted to complete homework
  • Even when work is not assigned, help your child to see the importance of constantly revisiting concepts, especially those which were difficult for him or her
  • Remind your child that taking notes that are thorough and well organized is an excellent way to have a heads up as to what is going to be on the exam
  • Once a test is scheduled, add extra time to study for that specific test, into the pre-existing study schedule-an hour a night, for about a week prior to the test, should do
  • Though studying the night before an exam is fine, you’ll want to help your child avoid the need to cram by having the night before be the only night studying takes place

Test Day Reminders:

Other than providing your child with a healthy, energy filled and balanced breakfast the morning of an important exam, you’ll also do well to remind him or her of these test taking strategies for when your child is in the room, with the exam in hand. 
  • After the teacher has gone over the directions with the class as a whole, read through the instructions again ensuring that all of the directions are understood. If not, ask for clarification
  • Read through the test prior to beginning to answer the questions. 
  • Next, answer the questions that are the most sure and save the difficult questions for last
  • Once the test is complete, go back through and revise
  • Remember that many mistakes on exams could have been corrected with simple revision

Incorporating these habits into the life of your child will begin to yield results. However, there may be a particular area where your child simple feels he or she has fallen behind and may need extra help to catch up with his or her peers. For tutoring in Broken Arrow, remember our professional tutoring staff for your child. To schedule a free diagnostic assessment and get your child’s tutoring underway, call today, (918) 455-3276


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