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As a new school year begins, with its challenges and hopeful excitement, perhaps organization is far from the mind of your child. However, it is important to know that there is a link between organization and academic success. It is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow would like to share SIX easy tips you can use to help your child become more organized. 

Set Goals

Certainly one of the goals you set should be that of staying organized, however this should not be the only goal you work toward. Whether you are setting academic or personal goals, write them down, think about how you will achieve them short and long term. You may also consider sharing these goals with someone you trust in order to receive assistance and encouragement along the way. 

Avoid Clutter

Loose papers and other cluttering items should be removed from your backpack, locker, and study space. If you no longer need something, throw it away or store it. If you’ll need to keep a paper for later on, place it neatly in a folder or notebook for safe keeping. 

Designate a Study Space

Consult your parents to figure out what area of the home will be best for you to work on homework and study, without clutter and without distraction. You may decide the best option is a desk in your room, the kitchen table, or perhaps another area in your house. Make sure that you are in agreement that this area is where you will go to get work done. 

Write It Down

The possibility of distractions are endless when you decide that you will take a picture of your homework assignment rather than writing it down. You may innocently take out your phone to review what’s due, but then, distractions are right there at your fingertips. Likewise, saying that you’ll remember what is due always leads to the possibility that you’ll forget. Again, better to write it down. 

Use a Planner

As an alternative to “remembering” or taking a picture with your phone, perhaps use a planner. This is an excellent place to write down assignments, making notes when they are received and due, a place to put your study schedule and to remember things as to not have to cram or do a major assignment only the night before it is due. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Working hard to accomplish your goals, you decide in which way working is most effective for you. Would you rather study for the exam first or last? Work on the most difficult assignments, moving to the easiest, or vise versa? Do you need breaks between tasks? Schedule them if so, do something rejuvenating and get back to work. 

Now that your child is on the path to organization, you might still discover that he or she is in need of some assistance in a particular subject matter or study skill. Know that The Tutoring Center is here for just that. Contact us at 918-455-3276 for tutoring in Broken Arrow!


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