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Help Your Child Do Well on Standardized Tests

No matter how much a student dislikes standardized tests, they will still form a part of their academic journey. To help your child do well on them, help them prepare with these tips.

Prepare for the Test

To do well on any test, your child will have to prepare. While studying is part of the preparation work, there's more to it. To start, ensure your child doesn't forget the date of their test. Before starting to study, they should have a clear idea of what topics will be included on their exam so that they don't waste time on other lessons. Help your child create a study schedule that will ensure they're not up cramming the night before their test. Finally, your child should get plenty of rest and have a good breakfast before heading out to take their test.

Test Taking Strategies

Standardized tests can be a bit intimidating for students for a number of reasons. The time limit, the number of questions, and the very serious looking answer sheet can make anyone lose focus. Because of this, it's important to teach your child some test-taking strategies to make the process more manageable. For example, remind your child to read the entire question before answering it. Help them identify keywords in a question that can make selecting an answer easier. Teach them the process of elimination when answering multiple choice questions. This will make it easier for them to get closer to right answer even when the question is quite difficult. Finally, remind them to focus on the easier questions first since these are guaranteed points in their favor and then use the remaining time to answer the more difficult questions.

Dealing With Test Taking Anxiety

Test-taking anxiety can turn into a real hurdle for many students. Even if they're prepared and know all of the lessons well, their anxiety can cause them to perform poorly. Before the exam date, practice relaxation strategies with your child. Stretches and breathing exercises are food strategies that they may be able to do in their seat during the exam. Find what works best for them and practice these skills in the weeks leading up to their exam.

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