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Providing your child with snacks helps them get enough energy to make it through the day. Making sure the snacks they consume are healthy can be a challenge because of time constraints and their picky eating habits. However, it is important that you take the time to find healthy snacks for your child to enjoy at school and make it through the school day with enough fuel. Teaching them to eat healthy can lay the foundation for lifelong healthy habits which is why at The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow we have some snack suggestions to try with your child.

Fruits and vegetables

While fruits and vegetables don’t sound like the most exciting snacks, it is important that your child gets a daily intake of the two. Stick to packing fruity snacks that won’t make a mess and aren’t difficult to transport. Clementines are a great snack that kids love because they’re sweet, easy to peel and fit perfectly in their hands. Dried fruit is also a great option on its own or mixed in with other healthy options. A popular vegetable option for kids is what is commonly referred to as “ants on a log.” Simply spread a nut butter of your choice onto celery and add raisins or your choice of dried fruit onto the nut spread. You can also substitute spreadable cheese for the nut butter. It’s a healthy snack that looks fun.

Healthy grains

Grains are often seen as the enemy when trying to eat healthy, but knowing which grains to avoid and which to eat makes all the difference. Limit your child’s consumption of unhealthy grains, like chips and cookies, and instead provide them with healthy alternatives. Make your own trail mix using healthy, whole grain cereals, nuts and dried fruit. Popcorn is also a good snack that kids love. Flavor plain popcorn with your choice of seasoning and stir in some dried fruit to give it a healthy sweetness.

Dairy consumption

Children love dairy in many forms and while it can be a great source of calcium, it can also have a high fat content. Look for dairy options that are low in fat to make sure your child gets the best out of their dairy intake. Easy to pack snacks like yogurt are great as a base. Adding granola and fresh fruit to yogurt can make it healthier and more tasty. Cheese can be a huge source of unhealthy fats for your child. Serve it in moderation and always accompanied by healthy cracker options or vegetables.

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