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If you are parenting a teen, then you understand there are many new aspects of education you begin to think of and prepare for, once your child enters high school. If you’ve got a teenager in the home, especially one in 11th or 12th grade, who has yet to take the SAT, then you should begin preparing him or her for the test immediately. It’s typically taken in 11th grade and can be retaken until you and your child are satisfied with the score given. The SAT is a standardized test commonly used to help with college admissions, so if your child plans on entering a university just after high school, this is absolutely crucial. The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow would like to offer some advice on how to prepare for the SAT and what to know in order to be able to take the test well. 

First you will do well to help your child understand some General Tips about taking the SAT:
  • Remember that there are numerous online resources to help your child practice, including examples of previous years’ essay topics and math problems
  • Once at the test taking center your child will do well to bring a snack, two number two pencils, his or her picture id, and little else
  • Keep in mind that scrap paper will be provided by the testing center, for math problems and any other needs-your child will need to leave the scratch paper with the test booklet upon departure and not attempt to take the paper out of the room

Now, for more specific details about the sections of the exam:


  • It is important to remind your child that this section goes from the least to most complex problems-your child will do well to spend as little time as possible on the questions at the beginning of the section, allowing more time for the more difficult toward the end
  • The math section does not have a penalty for questions that are answered incorrectly, rather points are added if the questions are answered correctly-that being said it’s best for your child to answer all of the equations in the math section, even if the answer is a guess. If an answer is guessed incorrectly, no points are removed, but if it is guessed correctly, points are added


  • Your child should ensure that he or she reads the entire reading selection before attempting to answer the questions, the reason for this is that the questions are often worded in such a way that if the entire selection is not read, it may be easy to misinterpret the question


  • When answering the grammatical questions in the writing section, remember to pick the answer that seems the most correct
  • Use a process of elimination, taking out the answers that are absolutely incorrect
  • Ensure that your child practices the standard five paragraph essay writing style for the writing prompt and that he or she includes the opinion, evidence, and the proper style in writing the essay

As your child is waiting for his or her score, or if you have younger children, check out these 6 tips to help your child improve in school for some new ideas on how to help your child. Remember that The Tutoring Center also has an SAT Prep program to help your child understand what is covered on the exam, how to prepare, and of course plenty of time to practice. If you think your child could benefit from tutoring, for tutoring in Broken Arrow, contact us today, (918) 455-3276.


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