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One of the main things you have to do while you’re in class is take notes. Simple enough, right? However, how many times have you found yourself struggling with your notes when you need to study?

There are some tips and tricks that you should know about if you want to take good, effective notes,...
A healthy diet is important for both physical and mental health and wellbeing, so make sure your child is getting the best brain food by following this guide, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow.

Fruits and vegetables

It may be a statement of the obvious, but fruit and vegetables are...
As a new school year begins, with its challenges and hopeful excitement, perhaps organization is far from the mind of your child. However, it is important to know that there is a link between organization and academic success. It is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow would...
There comes a time in every child’s life when s/he needs to start going to school. Whether it’s kindergarten, pre-school or elementary, you can bet that this is an important step in his/her life. Still, it can be an overwhelming event for someone at such a young age.

If you want to make this...


Help your child avoid completing problems using rote memorization. Make sure she understands the concepts and reasoning before moving forward. Ask your child to explain why she is doing what she is doing. If she can’t, then she needs some help understanding the...
Reading is a beautiful activity that can help you learn, grow, and amuse you while you get lost in the pages. However, a lot of children rather spend their time watching TV than reading a book! If your child is one of these, but you’d like him/her to read once in a while, The Tutoring Center in...
Having good memory is a big plus when it comes to being successful at school! However, the ones who are able to memorize new concepts easily are few!

If your child is having trouble keeping down specific dates, names, or data, then this post by The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow is just what you...


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