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Math Motivation Tips

It's no secret that math tends to be one of the most challenging subjects in school. Because of this, it makes sense that math also tends to be one of the most disliked subjects among students. If this is the case with your child, use these tips to get them a bit more excited about math.

Present a Fun Challenge

Students feel more motivated to complete something when it presents a bit of a challenge. Your challenge shouldn't be so hard that it's discouraging, but it also shouldn't be so easy that it really isn't a challenge. Consider setting up a scavenger hunt where your child has to solve a math problem in order to get the next clue. These types of activities allow your child to have fun while practicing a subject they may not like, helping them change their perspective on it.

Include Technology in Lessons

Most students love anything that involves technology thanks to its interactive nature. When doing extra math practice at home, find ways to incorporate technology into your child's lessons in order to keep them engaged. Look for apps focused on math practice, math games, and interactive math lessons online.

Master Basic Math

Many times, students have trouble with their current math level because they never mastered their basic math skills. To help them excel in math and change their current feeling towards it, go back and review basic math lessons. Once they strengthen these building blocks, they should have an easier time with their current math lessons.

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