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Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

Now that school is out, and summer vacation is in full swing, getting your child to participate in academic activities may become a bit of a challenge. While your child may want to spend all day playing video games or lounging poolside, keep in mind that there are fun ways to get your child to take on academic activities. Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Broken Arrow OK to get your child reading this summer break.

Plan Movie Nights

Watching a movie may not sound like a reading activity, but depending on the movie you choose, it can definitely involve reading. Have your child choose a book that has also been made into a movie and encourage them to finish reading the book by presenting a movie night as a reading incentive. Popular options include the Harry Potter series as well as The Hunger Games trilogy. Because these books come in a series, they will encourage your child to read multiple books to finish the whole series.

Join a Reading Program

Summer reading programs are commonly offered at local library branches. Head over to your local library and ask if they have a reading program your child can join. These programs usually reward children with incentives every time they finish reading a set amount of books depending on their reading level. Even if your local library isn't offering a reading program this year, making weekly trips to the library is a great way to get your child reading.

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