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Fun Summer Activities to Keep Your Child's Mind Active All Summer

Most children plan to spend their summer days away from school sleeping in and playing video games. However, you can easily encourage them to participate in other fun activities that are also educational. By keeping your child's mind active all summer, you can even help prevent the summer slide. Consider these simple activities as you plan your child's summer break.

Take Your Child Stargazing

Stargazing can be an exciting experience, especially if your child has never seen the sky lit up by the stars. Pick up some astronomy books at your local library and read them with your child. You can both learn some basic astronomy information before heading out on a stargazing adventure. If the stars aren't very visible from your home, look around for an observatory or stargazing points nearby. You and your child can challenge each other identifying constellations and other important stars in the solar system.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

For a longer project that you can keep up with all season, plant a backyard vegetable garden. Do some research with your child and figure out what vegetables you can plant this season. Not only will you be encouraging your child to take part in a physical activity, but your child can also learn the science behind the process. You can investigate the process behind how sunlight and water make plants sprout and grow food.

Start a Cooking Club

To help your child practice their reading and math skills, start a cooking club at home. Gather some cookbooks and ask your child to read through them and pick recipes that look appealing. Read the recipes together and choose one to make. Make a list of the ingredients and head out to the grocery store. Allow your child to weigh the produce and count out items as you put them in your basket. Ask your child to estimate the price of everything at the end. As you cook, have your child read the instructions out loud. They can also weigh items and count them at home as you cook.

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