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We can’t overstate the importance of sleep and it’s benefits are crucial for the development of your children; it helps to boost their concentration in school, strengthens their immune system and improves their memory.

Poor quality of sleep can have a negative effect on the academic achievement of your children. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow, we would like to tell you more about this important subject. 

How Much?

The recommended amount of sleep for children from ages 5-11 is about 10-11 hours each night. School demands, interests and hobbies can get in the way of getting the proper rest, so make sure your children manage their time properly. 

Set the Conditions

Creating the right environment for a good night’s sleep is also important. Be sure that your children’s room is the right temperature (around 60 degrees) and check that the mattress is in good condition. Also, set a bedtime schedule and turn their off cell phones, TV or computer an hour before sleep time. 


Snoring, decreased daytime performance or difficulties falling asleep are just a few signs you should be aware of. In case your children are experiencing any sleep problems, avoid giving them large meals before bedtimes and keep the noise levels down. If the problem continues, visit your doctor. 

Great academic achievement is affected by many aspects outside the classroom, so make sure your children are getting enough sleep but also don’t forget to read this previous post containing some foods to boost brain power. 

If your children are struggling in school, at The Tutoring Center we have exclusive programs that can boost the skills and abilities your children need to reach their academic goals. We want to find the right way to help each of our unique students; that’s why we offer a free diagnostic assessment. Don’t think twice; consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Broken Arrow. 

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