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Tips to Help Your Child Write a Five Paragraph Essay

If your child has been assigned an essay for homework, use these tips to ensure they write a well-organized paper.

Start with the Introduction

All essays should begin with an introduction paragraph. As its name states, the introduction should introduce the topic and the tone of the essay. Generally, this paragraph is kept short and doesn't spend too much time on specifics. Your child's introduction paragraph should end with a clear thesis statement that will allow the reader to understand what will be argued throughout the essay.

Include Some Body Paragraphs

A five paragraph essay should include three body paragraphs that help support or prove the thesis statement. Each one of these paragraphs should focus on a main idea that helps strengthen the argument presented by the thesis. These paragraphs should include concrete details found through research that support the main idea. Your child should use reputable sources to find credible information for their argument.

Finish off with a Conclusion

Finally, your child's essay should end with a concluding paragraph. Just like the introduction, this paragraph should be kept brief and to the point. This paragraph should be used to bring the essay to a smooth end while tying up any loose ends. Encourage your child to finish off their essay by reinforcing their thesis once more.

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