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Helpful Homework Tips

Help your child develop a positive attitude towards homework by following these simple but effective tips.

Provide a Productive Homework Space

The area where your child works can make a huge difference in their productivity. To ensure that your child gets their work done efficiently and effectively, provide them with an adequate workspace. This space should have a desk or table and a comfortable chair. Make sure the lighting is adequate and that the temperature is comfortable. Finally, provide all the necessary materials to complete homework with. These include pencils, an eraser, pens, markers, scissors, glue, and paper.

Create a Daily Homework Plan

To make homework time more efficient, be sure to always have a plan. Ask your child what homework assignments they need to complete and put them on a to-do list. If any of the assignments is quite long, break it down into smaller and easier to complete tasks. This will help your child stay on task and will help them visualize how close they are to completing their daily assignments.

Do Your Homework

Children learn a lot by following the examples they see at home. A great way to ensure they complete their homework daily without much resistance is by doing your own homework at the same time. Since you may not be in school, your homework assignments can include reading daily, budgeting or sorting your finances, and writing letters to friends. By working on your own assignments while your child does work you can also ensure your child completes their homework without hovering over them.

Tutoring in Broken Arrow, OK

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