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Tips to Help Your Child Through Challenging Assignments

Helping your child through a tough assignment can be tricky, especially if you don't know much about the subject they're struggling with. Even with your limited knowledge, you can still have a positive impact and help them complete their work. Use these tips to help your child the next time they're really struggling with an assignment.

Understand the Assignment Together

Sometimes students can really struggle with an assignment because they haven't fully understood what is being asked of them. When your child asks you for help, start by reading the directions so that you understand the assignment. Next, read them together and have your child explain in their own words what they're supposed to do. Once the assignment is clear, move on to reading the lesson and focus on the examples in your child's textbook. Understanding these basics can help make things much easier.

Explain Things Differently

If you understand how to do the work, don't just do it for your child. Instead, focus on explaining things to them until they understand how to do it. Keep in mind that it doesn't help to explain the same thing over and over using the same words and examples. Break things down in a way that your child will understand much more clearly and try to use examples that apply to their daily life.

Stick Around to Help

Once your child understands how to do the work, stick around just in case they get stuck again. By staying in the same room as them or by doing your own work at the same table as them they will feel more at ease. This is because they will know you are nearby and ready to help when they need it.

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