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Tips to Help You Create a Great Class Presentation

If you have a class presentation coming up, don't stress! The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow has some useful tips to help you create a great presentation!

Rely On Images

Using a visual aid during an oral presentation is a great advantage as it allows you to use demonstrative images to support your information. Instead of filling your presentation with words, use more images. Photos, drawings, and other images will help explain your information better and will help keep your audience more attentive. While designing your presentation, consider using large images that will be more aesthetically appealing.

Reduce the Amount of Words

While giving a class presentation, your visual aid is just that, an aid. It should help you explain your topic, but you shouldn't rely on it for everything. To avoid turning your back on the class and reading all of your information off the slides, reduce the amount of words on each slide. Learn your information well in order to remove large chunks of text that make a presentation hard to follow. Instead, use keywords or simple texts that will help trigger your memory about the subject. Not only will you interact more with the class, but your presentation will also be more visually appealing.

Make Things Stand Out

If your presentation contains quite a bit of information, make the important points stand out above everything else. There are several methods you can employ to make this happen. Experiment with colors, sizes, and fonts to make important information stand out. You can also use shapes, such as circles, to help highlight information or important parts of an image. Don't forget you can also use animation techniques to keep things interesting.

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