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Encourage Academic Success This Year

With a new year come new beginnings. Encourage your child to use the beginning of a brand new year to start fresh at school. Use these tips to help them stay on track for the remainder of the school year.

Stay Organized

Organization is the key to finding success, and, luckily, it doesn't require too much work. If your child is quite messy, set up a weekly cleaning day where they can organize their desk, backpack, and notebooks. Over time they may no longer struggle to keep things tidy, helping them also keep a clear mind.

Put Your Planner to Use

Keeping track of important information can be tricky for many students because it may feel like it requires so much effort. This effort, however, can be quite minimal and can form part of an easy routine. If your child has a hard time keeping track of assignments and important dates, have them put their day planner to use. They can start off with simple goals like writing down daily homework assignments and as they get used to this, they can incorporate other useful information.

Set Some New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are a great way for your child develop some new goals. Help them focus on setting some resolutions that will help them find success this school year. Some great ideas for resolutions include doing their homework daily and in a timely manner as well as asking questions in class.

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