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Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Skills

Being a skilled reader is a fundamental part of developing into an academically successful student. Reading is needed in every subject and will be needed throughout life, so it's best to help your child develop great reading skills at a young age. To ensure your child is a great reader, focus some extra time on these reading components.

Reading Comprehension Practice

Some students may have a bit of trouble with reading comprehension because it requires that they do a bit of multitasking. What this skill tests is their ability to read a text while also comprehending the information the text is relaying. To ensure your child is able to do this well, ask them questions about the main idea of a text or their opinion of it after they've finished reading.

Improve Reading Fluency

In order to master reading fluency, students must be able to read at the correct pace, with the right expression, while pronouncing words correctly. They must also know what each punctuation mark indicates, pausing for periods and commas, for example. Students who aren't very good at this will dread having to read out loud. To help your child get better, practice with them at home and have them listen to audio books as they read along quietly.

How Great Readers Can Improve Even More

Even if your child is already a great reader, there is always room for growth. Challenge them with books at a higher reading level or look into more advanced reading practices.

Reading Tutoring in Broken Arrow, OK

Whether your child needs a reading challenge or needs some help keeping up, tutoring in Broken Arrow can give them what they need. Contact The Tutoring Center, Broken Arrow OK at (918) 455-3276 to learn about the reading programs they offer.


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