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How to Remember Not to Misuse These Words

Here are a few words that are commonly misspelled and some tips for remembering how to spell them correctly.

Accept vs Except

"Accept" is a verb meaning to receive. "Except" is a preposition meaning not included or a verb meaning to leave out. Remember that "except" ex-es things out.

To, Too, & Two

Remember that "too" has an extra "o" that is also included. "Two" is a number and "to" is short for "toward".

Beside vs Besides

"Beside" means next to. "Besides" means except. When someone says, "besides the point," what they actually mean is "beside the point," because the statement has missed the mark.

Lie vs Lay

These words are very commonly misused. "Lie" is for people and animals and has the following tenses- lying, lay, and has/have lain. Thus the confusion, because to "lay" means to put something down. Lay's tenses are laying, laid, and has/have laid. Remember that people can tell lies, so they lie down.

Principal vs Principle

A "principal" is the head of an organization or the first and most important. A "principle" is a fundamental belief. The "principal" is your "pal," or is she?

Hear vs Here

There is an "ear" in "hear" because it means to listen. "Here" is 80% of "where" to represent a place.

There vs Their vs They're

"There" refers to a location- over there- and it is not "here". "Their" is a possessive form of they. "They're" is a contraction of "they are". Contractions always have apostrophes, so you can distinguish "they're" from the others.

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