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How to Make Your Child's Return to School Exciting

It's no secret that children love summer vacation. They enjoy the free time, fun activities and their freedom from homework. Transitioning back to school after a fun summer can be tough for some children. The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow has some tips to help get your child excited for school and make their transition easier.

Go School Supply Shopping

If your child is having a tough time dealing with the return of school, set apart a day to take your child shopping for new school supplies. Sometimes, having new pencils and notebooks can help get your child excited to use them. Allow your child to personalize their notebooks and really let their personality shine through. Your supplies don't have to be expensive. Check out local dollar stores for affordable supplies your child will love.

Create a Menu

It is very important that your child eats a balanced breakfast every morning before heading out to school. Have your child help you plan breakfasts that are not only healthy, but also taste great. Your child will be more excited to get up in the morning for school if they know a delicious breakfast is waiting for them. You can also plan lunch options with your child to get them excited for their lunch hour.

Meet New Friends

Tell your child that going back to school isn't just about doing homework and going to class. Remind your child that their friends will also be attending school and that they will have time to socialize with them. Having new classes and a new teacher also means meeting new friends. Check with your child's school to see if they are planning any type of social event for the children to meet their teachers and classmates before the school year starts up. This will be the perfect opportunity to familiarize your child with their new teacher and classmates.

Tutoring in Broken Arrow

The Tutoring Center in Broken has trained tutors that can help your child succeed this school year. Our one-to-one tutoring approach helps ensure your child gets the most out of every tutoring session. We have various academic programs focused on reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at (918) 455- 3276 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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