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One of the main things you have to do while you’re in class is take notes. Simple enough, right? However, how many times have you found yourself struggling with your notes when you need to study?

There are some tips and tricks that you should know about if you want to take good, effective notes, and The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow will tell you what they are in this post!

How to Take Effective Notes

Stay Organized and Clean

Be clean and organized with your notes. Try to avoid a lot of mistakes, doodling or getting dirt in your notebook. This way, you’ll have notes that will actually help you study for your tests.

Keep Your Tools Close

When in the classroom, make sure to keep all of your note taking tools close! This is to make sure that you won’t miss anything because you were looking for your sharpener.

Be Punctual

Don’t try to write every word down, since it may cause you to be left behind. Instead, try to understand the lesson and write punctual information about what’s being taught.

Penmanship and Structure

You need to be able to comprehend your notes. This means that you should use your best penmanship and create structured, complete sentences that make sense.


You shouldn’t let the extra important information get lost in your notes! Use highlighters, different colors and other tactics to make it stand out (and to make your notes more fun).


Once you’re done taking notes, go through them before you put your notebook away. This will give you a chance to proofread, ensure that everything is clear and even ask your teacher about something you didn’t get.

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