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Encouraging writing at home is important, especially if you have a younger child. The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow would like to help you by providing five simple tips you can implement at home to help develop your child develop a love of writing. 

Read Aloud

Before your child is going to develop the desire for writing, he or she is going to need to know how to read and enjoy doing so. Not only can you read books aloud to your child, you can also read informative texts on something that appeals to your child. 

Make it a Game

The use of games to help improve vocabulary or spelling is as fun as it is educational. Crossword puzzles, word searches, and fill in the blank stories such as ‘Mad Libs’ are all great options. Try finding word games you can play as a family. 

Set Aside Time

Though you are not likely to get a chance to practice writing every day, as you’ll have extra-curriculars and homework, make sure that you set aside time at least two days a week to practice fun writing activities. 

Write Together

Your child doesn’t always have to write alone. You can take turns writing the sentences of the story or you can research together on a topic that interests your child. You can compile the information you’ve found and write it out in an informative way to educate others. 

Turn Your Child’s Writing Into a Book 

Using your research or a more creative story idea, make a book out of some of your child’s writings. You can make one continual book with one story or theme, or one with more of a portfolio style. Get creative and remember that this book will not only be a great keepsake but it will also be a way to show your child you are proud of what he or she has accomplished. 

While your child is taking this extra time to practice writing skills, remember the importance of sleep for children and sticking with a routine. You may discover that he or she has an intense love for writing, but struggles with another skill or subject. If you feel your child could benefit from a little extra support, remember that The Tutoring Center can provide expert tutoring for your child in a number of academic areas. For tutoring in Broken Area, contact us at (918) 455-3276.


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