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If you’d like your child to stay on top of all of their responsibilities, and be more organized with their time and efforts, an agenda can be a great way to achieve it. It works as a reliable reminder of their homework, chores, tests, activities, and more. However, they need to use their agenda correctly in order to receive the benefits they offer. If you’d like to teach your child to keep an agenda, The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow has a few tips you should keep in mind!

How to Keep an Agenda

Bring It Along

An agenda is no use if it’s sitting on your child’s desk at home! First and foremost, you need to encourage your child to take their agenda in their backpack everywhere they go. This way, they’ll be able to access it whenever and wherever they need it. 

Organize Colorfully

A fun way for your child to organize their agenda visually, is to color coordinate certain subjects, tasks or activities. Green, for example, can be used for math homework, or they could use purple for band practice. This will give their agenda a colorful spin, too!

Write, Write, Write!

Encourage your child to write down every assignment, upcoming test, activity or other important information in their agenda. Make them realize that “the faintest ink beats the strongest memory”. For important projects, tell them to write them down on the day they were assigned and on their due date so they can keep track of them.


There are certain assignments that need a bit more explaining or that have very specific instructions. For these cases, tell your child to use sticky-notes to further expand on the assignment or to write down other important reminders.

Update It

An agenda needs to be used properly in order to fulfill its purpose. This is why you should ask your child to update it constantly. By simply crossing off those assignments that they’ve already completed, they’ll have a more organized and reliable agenda.

Check It Daily

Lastly, another important thing to consider is that your child should check their agenda on a daily basis. Encourage them to do so, even on days when they think they have nothing going on, so they get used to checking it and confirming their activities for the day.

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