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There comes a time in every child’s life when s/he needs to start going to school. Whether it’s kindergarten, pre-school or elementary, you can bet that this is an important step in his/her life. Still, it can be an overwhelming event for someone at such a young age.

If you want to make this transition a lot smoother for your child, The Tutoring Center in Broken Arrow will give you a few tips on how you can help him/her on the first day in school.

How to Help Your Child Through His/Her First Day in School

Discuss the Situation

Tell him/her all about what to expect, what s/he’ll have to do there, how to behave, etc. At the same time, let him/her open up about his/her expectations and anxieties (if there are any). During these talks, make sure to be as encouraging as possible.

Set a Schedule

Your child will have to get up earlier, spend some afternoons doing homework, and engage in other activities. The most effective way to make sure this happens is by setting (and sticking to) a schedule.

Have Everything Ready

The supplies need to be bought, the backpack needs to be packed, and the clothing needs to be washed and ready to wear. Take care of all of these so your child can have a successful start at school.  

Follow Healthy Practices

For your child to be able to focus and do well in school, s/he needs to be healthy. This means that s/he should eat nutritious meals, keep clean, sleep enough at night and do some physical activities.

Ask About His/Her Day

It’s very important for you to know how your child is doing in school. Make sure to ask him/her about his/her day and engage in a conversation about it. Be interested and excited about what s/he has to say.

Communicate with Teachers

We all remember the first teacher we had. Needless to say, this person can have a huge impact in your child’s school life, so make sure to keep the communication open with him/her. Plus, s/he can let you know anything s/he notices in the classroom.

Give Time to Adjust

Going to school for the first time is no small feat. At first, you may see your child struggling with it. Still, you should be patient and allow your child to adjust to this huge change in his/her life. Again, try to be as encouraging as possible.

Get Him/Her a Tutor

A tutor can help your child feel academically ready for school.Tutoring sessions can provide the knowledge and confidence s/he needs to do well. This way, your child will be on his/her way to becoming a good student from the get-go.

For Tutoring in Broken Arrow...

If you’re searching for expert tutors in Broken Arrow, The Tutoring Center will be glad to help. We offer academic programs that are aimed at helping children from ages 4 and over in different areas (math, reading, writing, etc.). If you’d like more information about what these are, you can call (918) 455-3276 or read through our Academic Programs page. 


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