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Help your child avoid completing problems using rote memorization. Make sure she understands the concepts and reasoning before moving forward. Ask your child to explain why she is doing what she is doing. If she can’t, then she needs some help understanding the concepts.

Avoid the Calculator

Calculators are useful when you’re in a hurry. The problem comes when children rely too much on them instead of solving the equations themselves. Once they begin relying on the calculator they lose the ability to do the math without one.

Real Life Uses

In order for children to really be engaged in math they need to understand how it applies to their own lives. As an example, you can ask your child to help you add the cost of the groceries or you can ask him to help you cook and he can be in charge of measuring the portions and ingredients.

Quiet, Stress-Free Environment

The environment in which your child completes homework has a huge impact in how well she will do. Make sure it’s a comfortable place with good lighting. She needs a place where she can get away from stress and distractions such as televisions, computers and phones.

Be Organized

A messy, unorganized notebook isn't a great aid when your child is looking to understand a lesson later on. Demonstrate for your child how to create clean, organized and legible notes, so they can study properly.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Like anything else in life, math requires practice in order to master it. Little by little, you’ll see your child’s skills start to improve if you are both diligent and committed to learning. Just as you wouldn’t expect a child to master the piano overnight you can’t expect their math skills to improve in a short period of time.

Look for Support!

Encourage your child to ask questions when he doesn’t understand. Too often children will suffer in silence in a classroom instead of making the teacher aware of their struggle.

For Tutoring in Broken Arrow...

If you or your child is having a bit of trouble with math, then a tutor may be of great assistance.

Here at The Tutoring Center, we have experts who will work atyour child’s pace and will adapt to her learning style to make sure she completely understands the lessons. Call (918) 455-3276 for more information on how we can help you succeed in math and other subjects!


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