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School Year Routines

The word routine may make you think of something boring, but in reality, routines can give you the structure you need for a productive day. Help your child have a successful school year by installing certain routines around your home.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Start by...

Summer Vocabulary Building

If your child has a lot of free time during the summer, don't let it go to waste. Help them build a stronger vocabulary this summer with these fun and educational activities.

Make Time for Reading

Reading is a great way for anyone to develop a larger and stronger...

Fun Ways to Practice Math This Summer

Math tends to be the toughest subject for most students to succeed in. Teachers also struggle to keep their students at state math standards, and after the summer, this battle can get more difficult. Help your child hold onto their math lessons this summer...

How Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is a great way for all students to spend some of their free time this summer break. Whether your child is struggling with school, is an overachiever, or simply has free time, summer tutoring can help them prepare for the upcoming...

Does Your Child Need Tutoring?

Just about all students can benefit from tutoring no matter how high or how low their grades are. However, if your child is having trouble with school, they may be more in need of the extra academic help. Look for these signs to figure out if your child needs after...

Tips to Help Your Child Further Develop Their Focus and Concentration Skills

If your child has a hard time staying concentrated while working, use these tips to help them increase their focus and concentration skills.

Incorporate Physical Activity

If your child has a hard time staying focused on...

Tips to Help Your Child Write a Five Paragraph Essay

If your child has been assigned an essay for homework, use these tips to ensure they write a well-organized paper.

Start with the Introduction

All essays should begin with an introduction paragraph. As its name states, the introduction should...

Helpful Homework Tips

Help your child develop a positive attitude towards homework by following these simple but effective tips.

Provide a Productive Homework Space

The area where your child works can make a huge difference in their productivity. To ensure that your child gets their work done...

The Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Reading is an important skill and one which all students need to master. Although it may seem basic, reading forms the base of every other subject. Even if your child enjoys reading, there is always room to improve and grow as a reader.

Build a Stronger Vocabulary


Encourage Your Child to Take Better Class Notes

If your child struggles to take useful class notes, these tips can help them improve their note taking skills.

Be Prepared for Class

Being prepared for class means much more than simply showing up on time and turning in homework. Arriving a little...


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